Staff – Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Sydney

The Veterinary Teaching Hospital is home to over 90 staff including expertise with small animal specialists in feline and canine internal medicine, surgery, dermatology, diagnositic imaging, anaesthesia and pathology each with national and international profiles in their respective domains. As educators, they are at the forefront of veterinary knowledge.

The new world-class facilities have recently attracted international interest with several world renowned specialists coming to Australia for roles at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital and subsequently the interest from international students has Increased as they welcome the chance to work with world-class professors and researchers in the state-of-the-art facilities.

We have recently welcomed Dr Mark Lawrie as the new Chief Executive Officer of the University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Sydney.

Dr Mark Lawrie is a 1983 University of Sydney Veterinary Science graduate who has had more than a dozen careers in the one profession.

He worked in Public Health as an abattoir veterinary officer for the federal government immediately after graduation travelling throughout Australia as a relieving vet for 2 years before settling in Rutherglen to work at the high tech pig abattoir at Corowa. He was poached by the piggery company to work as a pig vet managing the herd health of 250,000 pigs and overseeing research trials whilst commencing a Research Masters post mating vaginal discharges in sows.  Personal reasons saw Mark move back to Sydney to work at the RSPCA where he did private practice and shelter work as well as running the after-hours service. Mark and wife Sharon spent 6 months in India doing missionary work before working for 2 years in a busy mixed practice group in Berkshire, UK.

He returned to the RSPCA as a manager in 1992 before becoming the Chief Veterinarian the following year- a position that he held for 15 years. During this time Mark became involved with media issues, the regulation of animals in research and teaching (as a member of the Animal Research Review Panel and the University of Sydney Animal Ethics committee), unwanted companion animal management (as Secretary of Animals Management in Rural and Remote Indigenous Communities, working on secondment to IFAW in South Korea and the Southern Pacific nations, planning community animal welfare schemes with low cost desexing programs run through veterinary clinics in country towns), help establish schemes for the care of dogs and cats in domestic violence situations (Safe Homes for Pets) and for supporting older persons animals (Pets of Older People program).

Mark left the RSPCA to become the National President of the Australian Veterinary Association for 2 years and then worked as a consultant on several animal and veterinary related matters eg 3 VSAAC accreditation visits, high level investigations of alleged breaches of the Animal Research Act, veterinary hospital design work and a high level review of Blacktown Pound. He also did locum work during this time. In July 2011, he took up the position of Hospital Director at Murdoch University Veterinary Teaching Hospital and worked there for over 3 years. He then took on the role of General Manager Asia Pacific at RxWorks (the veterinary practice management software company) in 2014 and finally worked for 9 months with a diagnostic imaging company before talking on the role of CEO of the UVTH Sydney.

Mark is married with 5 children (one of which is 14 year old Laura, a cross maltese ex RSPCA dog).