Help Your Senior Pet Remain Young at Heart


 Senior Pet Consult.

Senior pets have specific health care requirements and like people, pets are living to older ages than they did many years ago. There are a number of reasons for this including better veterinary medicine and technology as well as better nutrition.
Did you know, a dog is generally considered to be senior when in the last third of its normal life expectancy? Large breed dogs such as German Shepherds that normally live to be nine years old, would be considered senior when they reach the age of six.  On the other hand, a Poodle that might live to 15 years on average would be considered senior at 10 years old. 

Cats are generally considered to be senior at eight years of age. With both dogs and cats, genetics, nutrition, and environment all play a role in how fast they age.
Also like people, senior animals have specific health care requirements and the best way to determine what they are is to have their health checked. Older pets may develop arthritis or other degenerative diseases, and without proper care dental disease can also be a problem for senior pets.

We are dedicated to being your partner in proactively caring for your pet's health and wellbeing as they grow and mature.  

  • Book a consult & one of our vets will perform a thorough physical exam
  • Consultation includes senior consult, blood test for haematology, biochemistry, thyroid function.
  • $258 for dogs & cats

Call us today on 9351 3437 to book your pet's senior consultation. Appropriate health care and good nutrition can help to make your pet's senior years happy and healthy.