University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Sydney (UVTHS)
Evelyn Williams Building B10
65 Parramatta Rd
Camperdown, NSW 2050


Turn left into Ross St and do a U turn to return to Parramatta Rd. Turn right into Parramatta Road and immediately move to the left kerbside lane (Bus Lane). Travel 100 metres west of Ross Street and turn left into the gates leading to the hospital.


After passing under the footbridge and the Ross St entrance to the university move to the left kerb lane (Bus Lane).  Travel 100 metres west of Ross Street and turn left into the gates leading to the hospital.

About Emergency Vet and Critical Care (ECC)

Emergency and Critical Care (ECC) vet clinic operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide immediate evaluation and care for small animals presenting on emergency. Experienced staff veterinarians work hand-in-hand with talented nursing staff, veterinary students, and veterinary specialists to provide excellent care for your pet at any time of the day or night.

Appointments and referrals are not required for ECC. A phone call in advance can help us to be ready to assist you the moment you arrive with your pet. In addition, if you are uncertain if your pet needs to be seen right away, a phone call will allow us to evaluate the situation and give you the best possible recommendation.

Upon arrival, please make your way to the main entrance of our hospital and ring the bell. The car park and entrance are well lit. Doors are locked for security purposes after hours.

All pets with be triaged by our experienced nursing staff upon arrival.

Pets will be seen based on the severity of their condition and not the time of presentation.

An emergency veterinarian and a senior veterinary student will examine your pet. Following examination, the veterinarian will determine what problems need to be addressed, and will recommend necessary treatments and diagnostics to help your pet.

If your pet is stable, it may be treated and sent home. If you pet is determined to require hospitalization, then you will be provided with a full estimate of costs associated with the recommended course of action.

Pets will be referred back to the family veterinarian the following morning if stable.

If you do not have a family veterinarian or if after discussion with your veterinarian it is determined that your pet requires continued treatment from specialists, then hospitalization at the University may continue until your pet is either stable enough to transfer or be discharged home.

Your veterinarian will receive an update via phone, fax or email within 24 hours of your pet presenting to ECC.

The emergency consultation fee is $260.00 including GST.

Prior to treatment commencing, you must pay 50% of the initial estimated cost at the time of presentation, and the balance of funds at the time of discharge home.

VetPay is an external credit provider and access to this is available, although funds are not guaranteed.