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Leptospirosis update 25/08/2020

Attention dog owners! There has been another confirmed case of Leptospirosis earlier this month  in a dog that lived in Crows Nest.  The dog was not vaccinated against Leptospirosis and sadly had to be euthanised due to kidney failure. We were unable to identify the causative strain (serovar) in this dog as the dog died so quickly that it did not have time to  develop an antibody response. The previously reported strain (serovar) known as Copenhageni was identified as [...]

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Leptospirosis update 14/08/2020

Attention dog owners! There has been another confirmed case of Leptospirosis this week in a dog that lives in Balmain.  The dog had been in contact with rats and was not vaccinated against Leptospirosis. The dog has been treated at UVTHS this week and fortunately appears to be recovering.  Preliminary results show that the previously reported strain (serovar) known as Copenhageni has been the cause in both this dog and another reported dog from Newtown last week, however further [...]

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Leptospirosis update 06/08/2020

Sadly, there has been another confirmed case of Leptospirosis this week in a dog living in Newtown.  The dog was not vaccinated against Leptospirosis and sadly had to be euthanised due to severe kidney failure. We are currently still investigating which strain (serovar) has been the cause. This is the first case of Leptospirosis this year and the first case reported in Newtown. Last year we saw 8 cases from May to November and these were from Surry Hills, [...]

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There have been no further cases of Leptospirosis reported since December. The total case number is now 11 with 8 cases diagnosed since May 2019.  All dogs were from Surry Hills, Darlinghurst , Redfern and Glebe and all died or were euthanised. It is important to note that the recent weather (warm with heavy rainfall) may result in conditions conducive to another increase in case numbers. Therefore, please remain vigilant! We again want to emphasize the importance of considering [...]

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Practitioner Evenings

The University Veterinary Teaching Hospital Sydney has a number of Practitioner Evenings each year. Below are the planned dates for these evenings. For further information on speakers or to inquire about attending please contact Clare Hughes on (02) 8627 6194 or by email clare.hughes@sydney.edu.au . AUGUST 13th - 'New tricks in analgesia in practice: life beyond buprenorphine' OCTOBER 1st  NOVEMBER 26th

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Case Study – Ruggles, Newfoundland

Ruggles is a long time patient of Sydney Uni Vet and was visiting the practice due to a heart condition he had. He had an irregular heartbeat (so-called atrial fibrillation) which caused him to feel unwell (poor appetite, weight loss, poor exercise tolerance). This condition was treatable however the practice did not have the defibrillator required to treat Ruggles. Ruggles ‘Dad’, a longtime client and supporter of the practice kindly offered to make a donation to cover part of [...]

Case Study – Ruggles, Newfoundland2020-09-05T01:07:01+10:00

Consumer Demands for Smaller Dogs Resulting in Debiliating Health Problems

Some of the latest research from the Faculty of Veterinary Science at The University of Sydney  has been covered in a number of media outlets, with the Honorary Associate Professor Max Zuber from the University of Sydney's Veterinary Teaching Hospital being interviewed on this research. See these links to read more:  http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-04-05/downsized-dogs-leading-to-debilitating-health-problems-vets-warn/7298760 http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/home/pets/the-rise-of-pugs-and-bulldogs-australians-favour-small-dogs-with-wide-short-faces/news-story/a28777a1472f81bbfb5a63bc9d430794 http://www.9news.com.au/national/2016/04/05/10/13/popularity-of-small-dog-breeds-causing-health-complications-and-reduced-quality-of-life http://www.livescience.com/54297-dogs-getting-smaller-and-sillier.html http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2016/apr/05/problems-from-head-to-tail-craze-for-pedigree-pugs-raises-health-concerns

Consumer Demands for Smaller Dogs Resulting in Debiliating Health Problems2018-04-11T12:43:25+10:00

BAER Testing

Deafness occurs in dogs probably with the same frequency as in people. The most common causes are congenital (recognised generally in the first 6 months of life) and age related (senile or degenerative deafness). Congenital deafness is most likely due to a genetic abnormality and is seen more commonly in some breeds including Dalmatians, Australian Cattle Dogs (ACD’s) and English Bull Terriers. It can, however, be seen occasionally in any dog breed and deafness is usually apparent by 6 [...]

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