Ruggles is a long time patient of Sydney Uni Vet and was visiting the practice due to a heart condition he had. He had an irregular heartbeat (so-called atrial fibrillation) which caused him to feel unwell (poor appetite, weight loss, poor exercise tolerance). This condition was treatable however the practice did not have the defibrillator required to treat Ruggles.

Ruggles ‘Dad’, a longtime client and supporter of the practice kindly offered to make a donation to cover part of the cost of the equipment to treat his dog and others with a similar condition.

Dr Beijerink and the practice were able to quickly arrange the delivery of the defibrillator so Ruggles could be treated. This machine consists of delivering at exactly the right moment a therapeutic dose of electrical current to ’reset’ the heart rhythm. The treatment was a success and Ruggles has recently been back in the practice for a check-up. The great news is that his heart rhythm is successfully converted back to normal for extended time, and Ruggles also has been great (good appetite, good activity level). We couldn’t be happier with this result at this stage and thank Ruggles’ Dad for all his support as many other dogs have also now benefited from the practice having the defibrillator machine.

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