Is your dog our next K9 Lifesaver? If your dog fills the following criteria then we would love to hear from you! Blood donation can help save a dogs life. And to say thanks we credit $100 to your account after each donation to spend on any merchandise or food. The criteria, dogs must be fit and healthy, between 1 and 8 years old, weigh more than 20kgs, have a good temperament and be able to lay still for 10-15 minutes? If so, please fill out your details below and we will get in contact with you. Download PDF

Lifesaving Canine Blood Bank at UVTHS

Dogs and their owners can now give the gift of life to other dogs thanks to the blood bank recently established by the University Veterinary Teaching Hospital Sydney. There are a number of reasons why a dog would require a blood transfusion, such as after a serious trauma, which is why blood needs to be available immediately.

As with humans, the success of the program is dependent on the availability of suitable donors. Dogs can donate if they meet the following criteria:

  • fit and healthy
  • between 1 and 8 years of age
  • weigh more than 20 kg
  • have a good temperament
  • able to lay still for 10–15 minutes
  • never travelled outside Australia
  • up to date on vaccinations and deworming
  • receiving treatment for heartworm prevention as well as tick and flea prevention
  • not receiving any medication
  • have never received a blood transfusion

A dog can donate blood every three months and the donor usually visits the clinic in the morning and is ready to home home that afternoon. At the first donation their blood group is determined, and a thorough physical examination is performed before every donation.

The process for collection is similar to that for humans. It takes approximately 10 – 15 minutes and only a small amount of a dog’s blood is collected. Blood products can be stored for up to four weeks and plasma for up to a year therefore it is a very worthwhile process.

As a token of our appreciation participants are given a $100 voucher that can be redeemed on food or consumables. In addition, donors are provided with a choice of a K9 Life Saver collar or leash to acknowledge their valuable contribution.

For more information on how your dog can help to save lives, please fill out the form below or contact our reception team on 02 9351 3437.

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