Routine Health Care

At the University of Sydney’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital we know how important the health of your beloved pets is for their quality of life and your peace of mind. In our general practice clinic we have a strong focus on preventive health care. That is one of the reasons that we recommend that each of your pets has an annual health check with one of our friendly and dedicated veterinarians. During the annual health check, we will discuss with you an individualized routine health care plan that best suits your pet.

We will provide advice about vaccinations including which vaccines are recommended for your pet and when these can be administered, as well as worming (intestinal worms and heartworm prevention) and flea and tick control. We will perform a thorough physical examination of your pet and assess each body system. The annual health check is important for early diagnosis of underlying conditions such as kidney or heart disease, so that we can provide you with options for optimal management of any underlying diseases diagnosed in your pet. Depending on your pet’s age and signs, in consultation with you, we may recommend further tests such as blood pressure measurement and blood tests.

Please call our reception staff to book a health check consultation. We look forward to meeting you and your dogs, cats, rabbits or ferrets soon.