By law, all dogs (and cats) must be permanently identified and registered for life by 6-months of age. Your puppy will require a microchip for permanent identification.

The microchipping process is fast and simple, where a microchip the size of a grain of rice is implanted underneath the skin in between the shoulder blades. This can be easily performed by a registered microchip implanter at the time of their puppy vaccinations, or during their desexing procedure. Once microchipped, your puppy will need to be registered with the local council. Registration fees vary by state, and are generally cheaper for desexed animals.

If your puppy ever becomes lost, the contact details registered to their microchip will be used to contact you if they are found. You must always update your details with your local council if your phone number or address changes. It is very common for a dog to become lost, but never be reunited with its owner because the registered contact details are out-of-date.

It is also a legal requirement that your dog is clearly identifiable when in a public area. This means they must wear a collar with a name tag at all times. Their name tag should list their name with your address or contact number.

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