Nurses & Admin


Meg Pich – Hospital Administration Officer

James Perez-Christie – Business Refinement & Services Manager

Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing

James has been in the animal industry since the young age of 13, when he starting his career by volunteering at zoos and wildlife parks. He found his love of veterinary medicine in 2009 after traveling through South America. After he returned home he began working at primary care clinics throughout Sydney. In 2013, James began work in a private specialist hospital where he worked across many services including; Emergency, Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Avian and exotics and Internal medicine. While still nursing, James began working with specialist veterinary software systems and high end veterinary hardware. This is when he found a way to combine the roles and began work as Technical Resources Manager before he joined UVTHS in 2019.

James shares his home with 2 cocker spaniels and a cat. He has an obsession with rabbits, and one day would like to have one of his own.

Natalia Walden – Receptionist

Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing 

Natalia hails from the UK where she qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 2011.  Her favourite part of her job is helping organise the day and ensuring appointments run smoothly.  She loves meeting all the different clients & their pets that walk through our door.

In her spare time Natalia enjoys catching up with friends, going to live music events & attemptingf to be creative in the kitchen.

Anja Price – Receptionist

Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing

Anja spent the first 10 years of her nursing career in a General Practice in Sydney’s East enjoying the varied roles of general practice, including running puppy preschool, grooming and all areas of nursing.

More recently she spent the last 3 years in the exciting position of referral surgical nurse at a Specialist Referral Hospital in Sydney’s North loving the challenge of the fast paced emergency and surgical nursing duties.

Anja joined the UVTHS reception team in May 2011 and is thoroughly enjoying the change. Outside of work Anja is kept busy with her two cats and two mischievous Chihuahuas.

Liz Jones – Receptionist 

Kirsten  – Receptionist 

Kirsten brings extensive and varied experience in customer service. Kirsten has her Certificate IV in Vet Nursing. She has 2 rescue cats who are great mates.

Nursing Staff

Clare Taranto – Veterinary Nurse, Surgery Unit Co-Ordinator

Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing 

Clare has over 9 years working in the animal industry. She started off her nursing career at the RSPCA in 2009, where she fell in love with animal welfare and discovered a passion for surgery. She continued to develop her skills specialising in surgery, emergency and opthalmology at the ARH until she joined our team mid 2017 as a team leader in the surgery department.

Since joining our team, Clare has continued to develop her passion for surgery, with a strong interest in orthopaedics and laparoscopic procedures.

Clare has three rescue cats Molly, Muffasa and Mojo and a secret talent in floristry!

Eugenie Thompson – Veterinary Nurse

Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing

Certificates I, II, III Horse industry Management

Eugenie started her career in veterinary nursing 15 years ago, 13 of which were in general practice where she progressed to the role of hospital administrator.

In March 2017 she joined the UVTHS general practice team, in 2018 the specialist surgical team. Eugenie says she feels “really fortunate to work with a group of professionals and students who really care about their patients and the quality of care they provide”.

Rhonda Foreman – Senior Veterinary Nurse 

Veterinary Nursing Certificate
Domestic Animal Care

One of the most longstanding members of the UVTHS Nursing team, Rhonda joined the UVTHS as a veterinary nurse in 1986 & continues to work as one of our Primary Care nurses; her special interest is veterinary dermatology. During her time here she has completed TAFE training in both domestic animal care and veterinary nursing. Rhonda not only looks after the patients at UVTHS, she also looks after the people employed here, as she is our WHS Officer.

Rhonda has a Chihuahua cross foxy ‘Chelsea’ and has recently adopted one of the UVTHS retired feline blood donors ‘Bruno’.

Joanne Tapp – Veterinary Nurse

Associate Diploma in Animal Technology 

Jo obtained her Associate Diploma in Animal Technology from Ultimo TAFE in 2001, and joined the UVTHS as an ICU veterinary nurse in April, 2003. Jo then moved on to work with the medicine specialist team where she continues to work as one of our medicine nurses.

Like most nurses, she has a menagerie, which keeps her busy (a dog, a cat, a rabbit and assorted fish). She also enjoys being outdoors, reading and spending time with her two sons.

Kelly Amaro – Veterinary Nurse

Veterinary Nursing Certificate

Kelly completed her Veterinary Nursing Certificate in 1993 and spent 15 years in a busy private practice as the head nurse and manager of the Burwood Animals Rescue Kennels. The no-kill shelter re-homed abandoned and neglected animals within the Burwood Council district.

As a result of her interest in animal behaviour she has completed her Certificate IV in Companion Animal Service and is an Accredited Instructor with Delta Society Australia.
Her dog training business ‘Love on a Leash’ was established and Kelly runs Puppy Preschool classes and private consultations to manage basic obedience and behavioural issues in dogs.

Kelly spent 9 months in a veterinary specialist centre before joining the UVTHS team in 2005 and can often be heard singing her favourite Prince songs through the corridors.

Alecia Clibbens – Veterinary Nurse

Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing Diploma Emergency and critical care 

Alecia is a certified veterinary nurse who started her career in a referral hospital in 2006. She has extensive knowledge and experience in medicine, oncology and emergency and critical care nursing and has completed a diploma of Emergency and Critical Care at TAFE in 2013. Alecia has a special interest in the compassionate care of pets with cancer.

Alecia is our Oncology Nurse and also helps coordinate the canine blood donor bank at UVTHS.

Catherine Quirk – Veterinary Nurse

Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing

Catherine started nursing in 2011 and earned her Certificate IV in 2013.

After some time in general practice she moved over to live in the UK which enabled her to spend plenty of time traveling around Europe. She was a locum nurse at various vet hospitals around London and Surrey for 2 years. Catherine joined the UVTHS team in mid 2017 as a rotating nurse which allowed her to gain experience in various departments, she soon settled comfortably into a permanent role in the Referral Medicine department.

Catherine has two adorable Miniature Schnauzers named Hugo and Lily.

Rebecca Tuck – Veterinary Nurse

Certificate III Captive animal management 
Certificate of Veterinary Nursing (Enrolled) 

Rebecca joined UVTHS in early 2010 as an ICU nurse. Before this she worked for a number of years at Kirrawee Vet Hospital, Ku-ring-gai Veterinary Hospital and as the senior nurse at Roseville vet clinic. Rebecca completed her certificate of veterinary nursing in 1996.

In 2004 Bec spent a year teaching Dressage in London’s Hyde Park Stables and travelling the UK and Europe. Bec also spent some time volunteering in Borneo with the endanged Sun bears and Orang-utans.

When not working Rebecca surfs, dives, trains in Taikido and spoils her cats Henry and William.

Joceline Alfaro – Veterinary Nurse 

Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing

Joceline is a certified Veterinary Nurse who has been working in the Vet Industry for approx 10 years. She joined the UVTHS team in 2015. Her favourite part of vet nursing is dentistry, working alongside vet students and of course cuddling animals.

When not busy, Joceline loves to spend time with her German Shepherd named Esky and her Insta-famous cat Michael.

Samantha Opperman – Veterinary Nurse 

Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing

Sam has been a vet nurse for four years, and joined our ECC department last year. Prior to this, she worked at a busy after hours hospital in the Northern Beaches. Sam is also on the road to completing her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, after where she hopes to specialise in Veterinary Neurology. Outside of work Sam loves rock climbing, live music, and fussing over her personality-challenged cat, Lumi.

Lydia Grant – Veterinary Nurse

Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing

Lydia gained her New Zealand Certificate in veterinary nursing in 2002. For Lydia’s first six years of nursing she worked at the busy Auckland SPCA. Since this time Lydia has enjoyed a variety of different nursing roles in New Zealand, England and Melbourne including but not limited to a Specialist Surgical Nurse and Practice Manager.

Having moved to Sydney in September 2015 to join our SAVES team at the UVTH; she is looking forward to learning new skills from her experienced colleagues and all the challenges this role will bring.

Lydia is looking forward to making Sydney her new home and exploring the sights with her energetic Boston Terrier named Pepper.”

Amanda Knox – Veterinary Nurse 

Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing

Amanda completed her Certificate II in animal studies in 2012 and Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing in 2014.

Amanda joined the UVTHS team in August 2014 as an imaging nurse.

She is responsible for CR images and Fluoroscopy and is currently learning CT and MRI.

Previous to this Amanda has worked as a veterinary nurse at the North Richmond Veterinary Hospital for 2 years.

Amanda’s spare time is spent being outdoors, shooting target archery or spending time with her 3 dogs.

Natalia Sen Gupta – Veterinary Nurse, ECC Unit Coordinator

Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing
BSc Med Sci

Natalia started nursing because she loved her local vet and admired how they were able to combine their love of animals and compassion into something constructive and tangible, which made her want to do the same.

Having spent the majority of her career nursing in general practices, she was looking to improve her skills whilst challenging herself, so she joined the ECC team in 2014 whilst studying and never looked back!

Natalia loves going to see live music, reading, the beach, sunshine, competitive games of Trivial Pursuit and loves cats and dogs equally.

Vokina Ng – Veterinary Nurse

Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing

Vokina completed her Certificate II in animal studies in 2012 and Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing in 2014, she joined the Animal Dermatology Clinic team at UVTHS as Dermatology Nurse in 2015.

Previously, Vokina has worked as veterinary nurse in a General Practice at North Sydney for 2 years.  In her spare time, she loves to do gardening, knitting and crochet. She also enjoys spending time with her three chickens, Ally, Juliet and Daisy, and her two cats Finnegan and Juno.

Sophie Colville – Veterinary Nurse

Diploma in Veterinary Nursing (New Zealand)

Sophie began her veterinary nursing career in a small general practice vet in New Zealand, before crossing the ditch to Perth in 2013. She worked at a large 24 hour general practice, emergency and surgery specialist hospital there while exploring what WA had to offer. It was at this hospital Sophie discovered her passion for emergency and critical care. After a couple of years, Sophie decided WA was too far away and moved east. She worked in the ICU department at SASH before joining the SAVES team at UVTHS in April 2016.

In her spare time, Sophie enjoys spending time with her dog, a rescue from northern WA called Darcie and exploring Sydney.

Amy Draper – Veterinary Nurse

BASc (Ext. Major in Vet Tech)

Amy graduated from the University of Queensland in 2011 after completing a Bachelor of Applied Science (Extended. Major in Veterinary Technology). She has since gained much experience from her nursing roles in general practice as well as in the specialist surgical and medicine fields. At the end of 2017, Amy returned from the UK after 2 years of locum work and travelling Europe.

Amy joined the Medicine & Surgical teams at UVTHS in January 2018, she also help to coordinate our Canine Blood Bank; which saves many doggo lives!

Amy is excited to explore her new home of Sydney and soak up all the sun she missed out on whilst living in the England!

Melissa Fangmeier – Trainee Veterinary Nurse 

Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Bioscience (Honours)
Currently Studying CIV Veterinary Nursing

Melissa graduated from the University of Sydney with an Animal and Veterinary Bioscience degree in 2014 and began her career in veterinary nursing in 2015. She has a special interest in exotic companion animals and will always be the first to volunteer when there is a rabbit or guinea pig around. At home, she takes care of four guinea pigs, two giant rabbits, two cockatiels, two eastern snake-necked turtles, a rescued Shih Tzu-X named “Chicken” and a new dachshund puppy named “Harlee”. She also has interests in drawing, photography, and graphic design.

Melissa joined the UVTHS primary care team in April 2018. She is excited to be learning from our team of highly skilled veterinary professionals within the different specialist departments while she is studying her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.

Matthew Norton – Live-in Veterinary Nurse

BSc., MAnimSc.

With over 10 years’ experience in animal husbandry, Matthew has spent the previous 4 years working as a veterinary ophthalmic nurse at Animal Eye Care and also much of 2017 in ICU at Advanced Vetcare in Victoria. He has completed a GAP course in Animal Husbandry at the Box Hill Institute, a Bachelor of Science in Zoology and Geology and a Masters in Animal Science at the University of Melbourne. Matthew has just transferred from the University of Adelaide to undertake the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program at the University of Sydney.

In his spare time Matthew enjoys photography, videography and scuba diving. He has a keen interest in surgery and wildlife conservation.

Vincent Wan – Veterinary Nurse

Cert IV Veterinary Nurse

Don’t be fooled by his young and charming face! Vincent is a fully qualified Veterinary Nurse who came in as a TAFE work placement student. His work ethic and attention to detail surprised us – which landed him a full time Primary Care Nursing role. Vincent is a valuable part of our nursing team!

Vincent enjoys all aspect of nursing and is working toward obtaining his Diploma in Emergency and Critical Care.

Charleyne Scott – Veterinary Nurse

Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing

Diploma of Emergency and Critical Care

Charleyne joined the nursing team at UVTHS mid 2018 after 10 years of experience as a veterinary nurse. She has worked in many practices throughout Port Macquarie, Sydney, remote South Australia and Melbourne. Over the years her focus has grown from general practice nursing and canine behaviour; to more recently, emergency nursing and international volunteering projects.

In addition to joining Emergency & Critical Care nursing team, Charleyne is also studying to become a Vocational Education Trainer & Assessor.

Pip Tunnicliffe – Veterinary Nurse

Certificate II in Animal Studies

Currently Studying Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing

Hill’s Pet Nutritional Advocate

Pip joined the UVTHS team in January 2018 as one of our Trainee Veterinary Nurses. After moving to Australia from South Africa 7 years ago and starting a family in Sydney, she decided to follow her passion and re-train as a Veterinary Nurse, leaving behind a career in PR and Marketing.  Pip works alongside our team of vets and nurses during the week, while completing her qualification.

Outside of work she’s kept busy by her young son and her husband. In her spare time Pip enjoys cooking, baking and her life in Sydney with friends and family

Emma Holder – Veterinary Nurse

Diploma & NVQ in Veterinary Nursing

Emma obtained her NVQ level 2 & National Diploma back in 2011 in the South Coast of England. After 4 years of study, she moved to Sydney for sponsorship at SASH.

She spent 4 years rotating through ICU, Medicine and Oncology departments in 2 referral hospitals in Sydney, gaining valuable experience working alongside some well-known specialists.

She has a special interest in pain management, and in her spare time rides her horse over the Ku-ring-gai Chase national Park.

Alex Philp – Veterinary Nurse

Alex has been nursing since 2015 and previously worked at a 24hr emergency clinic in Western Sydney as the Head of Surgery and Anaesthesia. Now working in the Anaesthesia department at UVTHS he is continuing to hone his skills in Anaesthesia with the intention to complete his VTS in Anaesthesia and Analgesia over the next few years.

Lino Nastasi – Head Animal House Attendant

Lino has worked at the University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Sydney for the past 20 years undertaking the roles of general maintenance and running the kennels for the hospital.

He is a mad keen NRL supporter and will happily talk about sports of any kind. In his spare time you could find him watching his beloved Manly sea eagles play and caring for his elderly cat Di-Di.

Mitchell Burns – Animal Attendant

Mitchell has worked here at UVTHS for 15 years. He is the best friend to all our boarding cats and dogs as is responsible for their care.  He helps keep the hospital clean and tidy & is the go to man for any maintenance requests.

In his spare time he’s kept busy with his wife and daughter & pet yabbie!

James Hudson – Concierge

James commenced work at the Sydney vet clinic in early 2017 as the first veterinary concierge.  James loves meeting people and assisting them and their pets.  James enjoys all aspects of his job especially helping all the staff at the clinic.

Prior to commencing work at the clinic James worked in after school care sports, making good use of his Certificate IV in in Personal training and Fitness.  James has several qualifications under his belt including a Certificate III in Fitness and Aged Care and a further 2 Certificate IV’s in Massage and Aromatherapy.

In his spare time James loves to go to Bondi beach and swim, he enjoys the theatre, movies, ballroom dancing and spending time with friends.  Although James does not have a pet at present he plans to have either a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel or a German Shepherd dog.