Anaesthesia Services

The anaesthesia department provides services for all areas of the hospital, anaesthetising a wide variety of animals for a variety of different procedures. The advanced techniques utilised by the other areas of the hospital require advanced anaesthesia techniques and sophisticated monitoring to provide the best possible patient care.

However, we also provide anaesthesia for the more routine procedures of the practice such as radiographs, desexes and dentals and are also responsible for the provision of analgesia for surgical and nonsurgical patients with the philosophy that no animal should be left in pain.

Final year students training for a Veterinary Degree actively participate with the anaesthesia staff in each phase of providing optimal care to our anaesthesia patients.

It is the objective of the anaesthesia unit to provide the best possible management of all the animals which come into our care and we utilise a wide range of monitoring equipment to assist us in this task with the ability to monitor blood pressure both directly and indirectly, ETCO2, SpO2, ECG, etc depending on the requirements of the patient. Advanced techniques include neuromuscular blockade and loco-regional anaesthesia. We are also equipped with ventilators to allow mechanical ventilation of our patients when required.

Our patients are monitored at all times by an undergraduate intern under the direct supervision of one of our veterinarians both during anaesthesia and into recovery where they are placed in a quiet, warm environment with heating provided as required.

Making a Specialist Appointment

Pet Owners

Specialist appointments need to be organised by your GP Vet. If you are unsure how to organise this please call or email us for more information.

Referring Vets

Referring veterinarians are welcome to use our online referral form or call the clinic to discuss cases before referring.


Emergency cases will be seen immediately and no appointment is needed. If possible call us to let us know you are coming so we may prepare.