Critical Care

The Critical Care (CC) Service at the University Veterinary Teaching Hospital offers 24-hour emergency service 7 days a week. Pets are admitted to the Critical Care Unit (CCU) when they are critically ill and require moment to moment monitoring and adjustments in medications and other therapies. Pets which would benefit from oversight by the critical care service include those with respiratory distress, severe trauma, shock, overwhelming full-body infection (sepsis), life-threatening neurologic problems, unstable post-operative patients, severe toxin ingestion, and post cardiac arrest care.

The CCU is staffed by a team of dedicated nurses and experienced staff veterinarians and is overseen by two veterinarians who are board certified Specialists by the American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care. Veterinarians trained in critical care become specialists of small details and are comfortable caring for the sickest of the sick. The CCU can provide oxygen support, mechanical ventilation, continuous ECG and blood pressure monitoring, blood transfusions, and nutritional support as needed. The CC service works closely with the other specialty services to provide an integrative approach which affords patients the highest level of care.