Valentine Charlton Cat Centre

Valentine Charlton Cat Centre

The Valentine Charlton Cat Centre is a unique, purpose-built facility providing veterinary services for all cats. It was made possible by a generous bequest from the late Valentine Charlton, private and corporate donations, and dollar-for-dollar funding from the University of Sydney.

The Valentine Charlton Cat Centre has three key aims:

  • To provide high-quality veterinary care for our feline patients
  • To educate veterinary interns and residents in feline-specific issues
  • To find cures for feline problems through clinical research


The Centre provides first-opinion services and a referral service specifically for feline cases referred by veterinarians in general practice. Our cat-friendly staff includes Specialists in Feline Medicine, Surgery, Oncology, Cardiology, Neurology and Dermatology, supported by our team of Specialists in advanced imaging, anaesthesia, ophthalmology and behavior. State-of-the-art facilities at the Centre include nuclear medicine for treating hyperthyroidism, CT, MRI and chemotherapy.


We provide essential training in feline-specific issues to postgraduates in the DVM veterinary medicine program to prepare them for the unique nature of feline practice. We provide advanced residency training programs to Specialists in-training.


The Valentine Charlton Cat Centre is internationally renowned for excellence in clinical research in a range of feline diseases. Our goal is to improve the health and welfare of cats everywhere through strictly “no-kill” clinical research. Major projects include developing effective cures and prevention strategies for viral and fungal diseases and for a range of feline cancers.

Much of our work is funded by donations from the public. Donate to support feline research.


The Valentine Charlton Cat Centre is proud to registered as a ‘silver level’ Cat Friendly Clinic by the International Society of Feline Medicine. This is in recognition of our feline specific facilities ( e.g cat only waiting rooms, consultation rooms and hospital wards) and our focus on the unique behavioural and medical needs of cats in the veterinary hospital environment.